'Travel', 'woke' most used words on Tinder India

As users between 18 and 25 come to dominate the Tinder community, the dating platform recently said that terms like 'woke', 'travel', 'wanderlust', and 'lit' made it as the top words being used in personal bios on the app.

In its 'Year in Swipe' report for 2019, Tinder said that these words were used the most to describe themselves: travel, lit, stan, tea, wanderlust, flex, woke, low key, salty, snacc, hangry and high key.

As for cause-related words, environment was the number-one mentioned word on Tinder, apart from terms like equality, volunteer, climate change, Article 377, make a difference, cancelled, and Fridays for Future.

It also said that 30 per cent more people used Tinder's "More Genders" feature this year compared to last.

The Tinder user community also took a moment for feminism as, it was one of the top trending words mentioned in bios in 2019. Youth icons Arianna Grande and Beyonce were mentioned 3x more by Gen Z than millennials, Tinder said.

Lilly Singh, Billie Eilish, Arianna Grande and Beyonce were mentioned the most.

Tinder also said the usage of the rainbow pride emoticon in Tinder bios also increased 15 per cent globally from 2018 to 2019.

Major entertainment events of 2019 also turned out to be the ultimate icebreakers on Tinder. From Arya Stark to the Sacred Games Season 2 launch, what Tinder users watched and listened to not only defined their year but also how they connected with each other.

As per the online dating platform, top words used are: 'Game of Thrones', 'Spiderman', 'Stranger Things', Avengers End Game, BTS, 'Sacred Games', Prateek Kuhad, Divine, Gully Boy, Old Town Road, Vicky Kaushal and even, Marie Kondo.

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