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With a 33,000-plus work-force, extensive refining, distribution and marketing infrastructure and advanced R&D facilities, IndianOil has been providing energy access to millions of people across the country through its ever-expanding network of customer touchpoints.

To manufacture lubricants, IndianOil has several lube complexes where various lubricant grades are blended and packaged according to specifications. In Northern region of the country, Lube Complex, Asaoti, Faridabad is one of the biggest with top-notch facilities.

The IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) management is known for combining technological advancements with decades of knowledge, to provide more than 400 variants of Servo lubricant oil. The main aim is to use capabilities to make high-quality lubricants suitable for meeting diverse operational requirements and deliver a qualitative product for maximum performance. The lube complex supplies in bulk to commercial enterprises like Mahindra and Mahindra for their tractors. They sell them in barrels for retail segments and industrial use. Besides, they have different small packaging systems ranging from pouch filling to 50L.

Discussing the importance of IndianOil Corporation Limited (IOCL) plant, lubricant industry and other main oil industries, Debashis Halder, General Manager of Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP), Asaoti, Faridabad, said, "A combination of raw materials and special additives after being tested and mixed, is sent for blending, which is controlled from the control room. The lubricant testing laboratory provides quality and conditioning assessment to ensure that lubricants work properly in high-performance machinery systems."

"Cars also play a very big role in the present-day market. 15 years back, the scenario was very different. But now, that fuel norms and other strictures are coming in the picture, the oil companies have to take care of the type of oil to be used in the different vehicles as they have to change the engine and know the fuel type of a particular vehicle. To overcome this, we have built an R&D facility to develop the oil according to the demand made by the famous car companies like Mahindra, Tata, among others," said Debashis Halder.

The Lube Complex in Asaoti has also started going through minor important changes. "For Tata Motors, we have already started manufacturing CK4 oils and CK+ grade diesel oil. Similarly for petrol engines, we are manufacturing SG-level oil."

Shyam Sunder, Chief General Manager of the lubricant blending plant briefed about making the products cost-efficient by introducing automation process in the plant for manufacturing, "Our major challenge is how to operate this plant with a convenient amount of manpower. We have around 60 employees at the IOCL plant who manage the working of putting lubricants in a package form. For that, we have installed robot arms that mechanically arrange all the lubricant cans in proper order. With the help of the machines, the work has got much faster."

Providing new opportunities for cost reduction; providing 'green corporate' image in the oil industry; helping in implementation of best global practices and sustainability concepts the IOCL (Marketing Division) of LOBP, Asaoti works to cater the best of their products to the consumers.

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