Towards a greener future

Art Adda was organised at National  Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, on November 29, to create awareness among all the nature lovers

National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi in collaboration with Akhil Vishwa Gayatri Pariwar organised an interactive session on November 29. The event was held at Art Adda – a cultural platform for art lovers, artists, art connoisseurs, students, teachers, etc to meet, discuss, and share ideas on various aspects of art in the society. The Adda happens on the last Friday of every month.

The theme for this Art Adda was 'Role of Art in Spreading Awareness of Deteriorating Environmental Situation.'

Looking at the deteriorating conditions of the environment, it has become extremely necessary to work at the grass-root level to create awareness among all the nature lovers. Everyone needs to start working to reduce the level of existing pollution particularly in Delhi and NCR. This could be done by using public vehicles instead of personal ones, planting more and more trees and reducing our requirements to the minimum. It is high time to awaken ourselves and to work for protecting and conserving our nature and to take all possible steps for restoring our nature.

Speaking on behalf of the art institution NGMA, which has always supported the noble cause of protecting the environment, Adwaita Gadanayak, Director General, National Gallery of Modern Art stated, "National Gallery of Modern Art has been organising Art Adda for last two years. We are happy to provide a platform where renowned personalities can discuss significance of rejuvenating our environment which is the most important issue before humanity at this hour."

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