Time to start believing in your own skill and talent

Time to start believing in your own skill and talent

Srishti Arora, a graphic designer with eight years of experience working for brands like ‘Zomato’, ‘Akiva Superfoods’ and ‘Nutty Gritties’, shared her tips for getting started as an independent designer.

The first rule is that one doesn’t have to be great to start, but they do have to start to be great! She advised taking things one step at a time. There’s no right time to start and it’s important to remember that nobody starts as an expert. Everyone is learning along the way and not having personal branding and/or a website shouldn’t stop one from getting their first client or starting what they love.

According to the second rule, one must find their niche and design style. Srishti suggested working on ‘passion projects’ by up-skilling and practising, as they’re essential aspects of honing one’s craft and passion projects are a great way to put oneself out there while defining one’s style.

Srishti shared the third rule, which is using one’s time to refine their skills, streamline processes and invest in their business. She believes consistency is key and taking time to build a strong foundation will definitely pay off in the long run. Apart from getting new clients, networking and building trust with one’s audience through social media platforms like ‘Instagram’, ‘Behance’ and ‘Pinterest’ are crucial for success.

The last rule is about the importance of being patient in the early stages of one’s own career as an independent designer. As perseverance is key to achieving success, Srishti advised new designers to never give up on their dreams, no matter how challenging the journey may be.

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