The three-day 'Natya Ballet Festival' begins

The three-day Natya Ballet Festival begins

The third edition of 'Natya Ballet Centre' kicked off on November 25. The three-day event, celebrating the 75th year of independence, will continue until November 27, 2022, presenting India's diverse culture and traditions.

The festival kicked off with a specially curated piece of 'Dances of India' for the young school-going audience from NDMC and DAV Public Schools as part of their outreach programme. The performance, which will also be performed on the second day of the festival, showcases a rich palette of classical and folk dances.

The same evening, the festival's evening performance opened with the premiere of 'Unmasked', a time-travel dramedy that explores Ravana's character through the eyes of his lovely wife Mandodari. Conceptualised and choreographed by Jyotsna Shourie, it is a stunning mix of Bharatanatyam, contemporary dance and English theatre that is beautifully designed and elegantly executed. Nandita Kalaan, Aneesha Grover, Himanshu Srivastava and others performed Bharatanatyam, while Benjamin Jacob performed contemporary dance.

The next two days of the festival will witness equally amazing productions. 'Abha', choreographed by the much sought-after Parshwanath S Upadhye and performed in the traditional Bharatanatyam style, with live musicians, is a magnificent retelling of the Ramayana through Sita's eyes, with an unconventional approach.

On the third day, people will get to see 'Draupadi', which is an exquisite Odissi dance ballet.

Besides the performances, the audience will experience great insights during the panel discussions and lectures, as well as the opportunity to meet Rita Ganguly, Sharon Lowen and Dr Shovana Narayan, who are legends. A serious panel discussion called 'Tabula Rasa', moderated by the well-known arts entrepreneur, Dr Anita Ratnam, along with Dr Navina Jafa and others will focus on problems faced by the performing arts post-Covid while looking for viable solutions to reboot the dance space.

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