The sacred love story

'The voice of blind people hasn't been heard': India home to 20 per cent of world's visually impaired. Niraj Gera, an international award winning photographer recently captured a love story of visually impaired couple called 'Sacred Love'.

As a believer in the power of a visual medium, Gera decided to create a series of images that the viewers could connect to. Comprising 13 images, 'Sacred love' depicts the mesmerising love story of a 21-year old visually impaired couple, Deepak and Aarti.

In Delhi, Gera noticed Deepak and Aarti, walking towards Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. Their unusual love and bonding fascinated the photographer. Gera was inspired after listing to their love story to do a photo story on them, which was beyond looks and appearance.

Born with visual impairment, the couple started dreaming of a bright and colourful life together and forgot about their limitations. Deepak is currently pursuing his education from Kurukshetra University, Haryana. Whereas, Aart is a student of Miranda House, University of Delhi.

The photographer said. "Their amazing love, will definitely encourage millions of couples to quit the general frame of mind, of being judgemental about looks and physical appearances, and they would start appreciating inner beauty of a person, instead of temporary outer beauty".

Aarti talked about the photo series said, "Even if we are not able to see this series ourselves but the love of people will surely make us overjoyed".

Niraj Gera is a Delhi based internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer. He is has founded an NGO "Humanify Foundation" to work towards making this world a happy place by spreading the message of love, positivity, happiness, and wisdom in all possible ways.

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