The magic of business name numerology

The magic of business name numerology

It’s not known to many that a business name could hold the secret key to success. This article is all about the fascinating world of business name numerology!

A brand’s fame comes from its name. How does one recognise and remember a brand? People do this based on its name and logo. The name of the brand becomes its identity and a valuable asset. Hence, never underestimate the power of a good brand name. But if people have paid attention, they must have noticed that their favourite brands have changed their names. A few brand renaming examples are ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ - Dunkin’; ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ - KFC; ‘Urban Clap’ - ‘Urban Company’ and ‘Facebook’ - ‘Meta’. Many more businesses have changed their name and logo over the years.

Brand renaming means giving the business a new name. The company may change the name completely, make alterations in spelling or add/drop words from the title. Brand renaming is often done for various reasons. As per numerology, the energies emitted by a business name have a direct effect on the name bearer’s abilities, skills, flaws, character, traits and destiny.

Brand Name Compatibility: A brand’s name number should be compatible with the name number and destiny number of the owner/partners. If one or both numbers are against each other, numerologists suggest a brand name change or correction. Generally, it’s common to keep a brand name after the name of the owner/children or names that are adaptations of foreign brands. Not every time the proposed name is lucky for the owner, as it creates problems in the success roadmap of the owner. Hence, it’s viable to check one’s own proposed brand name compatibility to be doubly sure. If not, go with a numerology-verified name.

Benefits of Brand Name Change: To improve the company’s luck and achieve success; to attract positive vibes for the business, its owners and partners; to gain a competitive advantage over competitors; to uplift brand value; to get rid, of negative vibrations are present and to maintain harmony between owners and partners.

A business name is like one’s first impression of their probable consumers. People tend to remember and judge other’s businesses based on their names. Sometimes, one’s business name may be catchy and unique, but their business might fail. This may be because they didn’t consult with numerologists or consider numerology while choosing a name for their company.

An entrepreneur can succeed only when he is willing to take risks. Business owners and partners should possess the courage to take calculated risks, face losses and adapt to changing times and technology. Having said this, they should have the wisdom to take all necessary steps to have luck on their side and avoid failures, such as taking numerology’s help to choose the right brand name for their business.

Selecting a lucky name using numerology: To comprehend how names affect one’s energy and draw other energy vibrations, numerous approaches have been created over time. There are several ways of calculating one’s important number to come up with a good name for their company. People can select their business names as per numerology by using their destiny numbers and complementing numbers as these numbers manifest themselves in the shape of motivations and goals throughout their lifetime. So, it’s beneficial to know how to find numerology numbers for their new ventures or new firm’s name.

Significance of each expression number

Number 1: In the field of numerology, number one is thought to be fortunate. It’s considered the number of visionaries, inventors and adventurers. In every aspect, the numeral one denotes becoming first and being at the top.

Number 2: Teamwork, fellowship, connection and balance are all significant. So, keeping a business name connects the company.

Number 3: Self-expression, creativity and the skill of effective communication are all represented by this number.

Number 4: This number represents emphasis, basis and approaches. A name that includes term number four has any business associated with housing, construction or architecture.

Number 5: This number is one of the most popular business numbers, especially in the fields of entertainment and exploration.

Number 6: The number six is associated with restoration, comfort and peace. This number is appropriate for any company.

Number 7: The three main qualities that come to mind while thinking of this number are fascination, faith and mindfulness.

Number 8: The number eight is the number of equilibriums. It’s a very strong number that draws a huge amount of energy.

Number 9: This number represents altruism, idealistic thinking and comprehensive revolution. It’s appropriate for companies that provide charity work, fundraisers or complete makeovers.

The numbers in the series of 1, 5, 6, and 9 are some of the strongest or luckiest numbers for any business type.

Once people decide on the name of their businesses as per numerology, they should also consider choosing lucky dates for the opening of their businesses. Their birth dates or destiny numbers play an important role in choosing an auspicious date for their business’ opening. Everyone has their destiny number and it can make a huge impact on one’s business. Every such number is connected to a ruling planet.

Selecting a lucky business name as per numerology: The name of a company is crucial to the success of any enterprise. Every number has a certain vibration. It’s only when the frequencies of one’s business are matched with those of the business owners that the company can reach the greatest heights of success.

A company name as per numerology is selected by using the owner’s date of birth. Selecting a business name as per numerology helps the vibrations of the business owners and the business match which leads to smooth operations of the business and its success.

Business numerology revolves around comparing one’s good or bad numbers to the names of their companies, brands or businesses. Choosing a suitable company name as per numerology calculations may bring people luck. One must also consider other suitable variables when determining the business numerology. This includes figuring out the ideal time to establish a firm, the optimal period to close deals, vetting potential business partners and much more.

Numerologists say that many people who don’t get their numbers verified, often start their businesses on the dates they choose or don’t choose their business name, as per numerology and often run into several problems later on, such as financial losses and legal problems with business partners.

When launching a new firm, one must get rid of all concerns about how things will turn out in the future and want to be sure of their future prosperity. Before they establish a business, the first thing people will need to do is choose a name for it. So, one must choose their business name as per numerology.

People can also consult with top numerologists in India, like Rakhhi Jain. If people are looking forward to starting a business, ‘Numerology By Rakhe Jain’ can help them select the luckiest name for their business that will help in the smooth growth and development of their company.

(Rakhhi Jain is a professional numerologist, Vastu consultant and general counsellor from Mumbai, India. Email: Mobile: +91 9594888515, +91 9136910156. ‘Instagram’ handle: numerologybyrakhejain. Facebook handle: Numerology By Rakhe Jain)

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