Take the stage this April with Tata Sky Theatre

As the lockdown slowly exhausts practically every movie and series you've put off watching in the past, Zee Theatre offers a fresh reservoir of quality content ready to virtually transport you to the magical world of theatre. Available on Tata Sky Theatre Ch No. #316, you can watch a mix of comedy, thrillers and even the classics. This April, there's something exciting in store for everyone.

Double Game

A riveting mystery about a couple at odds, determined to gain an upper hand by outwitting each other at their own game. Starring Rajeshwari Sachdeva and Kiran Karmakar, this teleplay will keep you hooked on to who will eventually win this deceitful double game. Also starring Uday Tikekar, Smita Tambe.

Daak Ghar

Adapted from Rabindranath Tagore's poignant story, Daak Ghar, follows the story of Amal, a young boy with an incurable illness is oblivious to the meaning of death and is caught in the flurry of life outside the window of his room. Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, the teleplay stars Krrish Chhabria Saurabh Goyal, Kishore C. Srivastava, Anupriya Goenka.


In a role reversal between doctor and patient, a certifiably insane man appears suddenly at a psychiatrist's clinic and manages to cure him of his malaise. Starring Pankaj Berry, this teleplay is a riveting look into the human psyche and the moral compasses that govern us. Starring Pankaj Berry, Gopal Singh, Aditi Gowitrikar, Tanaz Irani, Adnan Khan, Namya Saxena.

Shyam Ki Mummy

A comical take on the flaws of the modern education system, where a concerned mother forces her son to chase the highest rank in his exams, while depriving him of the joys of childhood. A comedy that many Indians will relate to, this play is a laughter riot. Starring: Nirmiti Sawant, Milind Phatak, Dharmaj Joshi, Rahul Kumar, Sayali Sudhakar.

The Job

A young candidate turns up for a job interview only to realize that this wasn't the typical question and answer round he had imagined. This English teleplay stars Karan Pandit, Kashin Shetty, Tariq Vasudeva and Shweta Tripathi.

Panchi Aise Aate Hai

Arun, a young traveller, stumbles into the Shukla residence that is trying hard to marry off their daughter, but the prospective bride has different plans and Arun may have a part to play. Starring Amol Parashar and Ratan Rajput in leading roles, with Deepak Qazir, Vibha Chibber, Sandeep Dhabale, Vinnay Vishwaa.


It is a story of a rooted actor who has seen the peaks of glamour and appreciation, who even after retirement is unable to exit the mystic world of theatre and the memories attached to it. The play speaks about the never-ending struggle of being disowned by one's own children and love. Starring Mohan Joshi, Rohini Hattangadi, Shweta Mehendale, Sushil Inamdar, Bhakti Desai


Neglected by their families as well as the country, a group of retired freedom fighters brave all odds to make it to the Republic Day parade to fulfil the dying wish of their friend. Starring Kanwaljeet Singh, Utkarsh Mazumdar, Yusuf Hussain, Pawan Maskara, Shubha Khote, Beena Banerjee, Jayshankar Tripathi, Neeraj Aneja, Ronjini Chakraborty, Payal Nair, Saloni Grover, Swanandi Tikekar.


A film noir set in Mumbai, Raid explores the politics of sex, power and money. Following five prostitutes over one single night, the teleplay tries to solve the mystery of who is guilty of the murder of their notorious pimp. Starring Shivani Tanksale, Khalida Jan, Aisha Ahmed, Teena Singh, Gillian Pinto, Vikram Kochhar, Rajeev Siddhartha.

Ballavpur Ki Roopkatha

One for the laughs, this teleplay follows Bhupati, the King of a sleepy town called Ballavpur. Crippled by huge debt, Bhupati, the King of Ballavpur dreams of moving to Calcutta after selling his palace - once he gets rid of the ghost that haunts it. Starring Abha Parmar, Arvind Vaidya. The play is the centre stage of the month (Play of the month) and will be premiered on 26th April, at 2pm and 6pm.

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