Super food for superwomen

Offering a tribute to women who take on multiple roles with poise and élan, The Imperial Culinary Club celebrated Women's Day with a strong need to address their nutritional requirements for holistic well-being. Chef Parul Pratap and Tea Sommelier Anamika Singh, led their expertise to the club with a live culinary session on superfood recipes and tea infusions, to nurture women from within while they cradle their families and work fronts.

Featuring one of the most fascinating cookouts of Pumpkin Risotto and Basil Butter and Oats Apple Crumble, the session kept the audience in awe that how such delish and flavourful recipes can be made with simple and easily available or even traditional ingredients. Complementing Parul's culinary tribute to women was Anamika's all new tea blends.

Vijay Wanchoo, Senior Executive Vice President and General Manager, the Imperial, New Delhi commented, "We men are grateful to our women for the difference they make in our lives. It's now time to be aware of what is important for their well being as they surmount personal and professional challenges along their journeys. So, I am excited to share my thoughts on these healthy superfood recipes by Chef Parul Pratap and some interesting tea infusions to go with these by Tea Sommelier Anamika Singh. We are truly grateful to both these amazing women for lending their expertise in curating a fabulous Superfood menu and healthy tea blends, on the occasion of Women's Day at The Culinary Club."

Chef Parul Pratap expressed her views during the sessions. "Food is the medicine for not just the soul but several ailments as well. By including certain ingredients in our everyday meals and snacks, we can aid healing and enhance the nutritive value of what we eat. There is no need to abstain from certain food groups unless there is a pre-existing medical condition, the objective of eating well should be optimum use of fresh, local and healthy ingredients."

Anamika Singh rightfully said, "When you spend time in making the mug of tea that connects with your core, you gift yourself four minutes through that sunshine in a cup"

The session concluded with the sentient audience as they ascertained superfood magic for easy and quick home-style cooking. It was followed by a lavish hi-tea buffet featuring Chef Parul's menu.

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