Striking the right balance between taste and nutrition

Have you ever been in need for some food which is tasty yet healthy at the same time??? Then brace for a repertoire of healthy and mouthwatering dishes in Kolkata.

Binge Bae Fikar – a city based healthy food brand – has been introduced by

Anisha Mohta, a young food entrepreneur, that offers food striking the right balance between taste and nutrition.

Launching the brand and its offerings, Anisha Mohta, Founder, Binge Bae Fikar, said, "Though the level of awareness about healthy lifestyle and eating among urban people are on the rise, there is a dearth of food joints and fine dining restaurants in Kolkata serving food to those who want to shift to a healthier lifestyle. I want to serve people with food that keeps them active, productive and happy. Being a passionate baker myself, I love to experiment with recipes that are healthy yet not bland and boring. Binge Bae fikar is an embodiment of that passion in me. We have innovated a wide range of surprisingly delicious and wholesome recipes for foodies without pinching their purse string."

Celebrity Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee spoke about the importance of healthy eating and the need to inculcate healthy eating habit among kids. He wished Anisha Mohta and her journey into the healthy food industry all the best and also urged her to support the cause of children living in Anandaghar – a residential care and support home for children living with HIV AIDS.

Binge Bae Fikar offers healthy alternative of popular food items across different cuisines with no compromise on taste. The gourmets can gorge on their favourite food as much as they want without thinking about their diet calories, glycemic index and Blood Pressure, courtesy Binge Bae Fikar. The brand has curated recipes for those following Keto, Vegan and Gluten-Free diets as well.

The Kolkata based startup would operate through a cloud kitchen format with delivery only option. The brand cultivating healthier lifestyle by serving real food at an affordable price, would offer fare exclusively on platforms like Swiggy and Zomato to start with. Binge Bae Fikar also would start home delivery within 10 km radius of Prince Anwar Shah Road. Supporting Binge Bae Fikar's mission "Healthy yet tasty food for Everyone" customers can also find nutritionist-verified recipes based on their individual dietary preferences.

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