Stories of Reflections

The city of joy recently witnessed a beautiful photo exhibition of Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar, a freelance photographer, and travel and lifestyle journalist, with her signature Message Cards and Photographs. Blending her passion for writing and photography, she composes stories with soul connections, and this time her photography skills enlightened the hall of Jamini Roy Gallery of ICCR, Kolkata.

Alexey M Idamkin, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Kolkata inaugurated the event as the Chief Guest, and Sanatan Dinda, eminent Artist and Pandit Tanmoy Bose, also graced the occasion as the Guests of Honour.

The exhibition titled 'Stories of Reflections' is a series of visuals and literature which has been crafted into Message Cards, where the reflection of her life and travel stories have been highlighted. There were five themes – Architecture, Brassierie, Enigma, Journeys and Moods – collated in 5-7 pocket sized cards, which are plastic free and reusable. "Like your handwriting defines you, I feel that the images reflect the soul of places. And, it is an endless search of the mind in the depths of mirror, glass and water," said Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar, adding, "I hereby invite you to reveal your true feelings through writing on these cards which can be found online on my Facebook and Instagram page."

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