Srijit, Dev and Rukmini join forces for the first time

Srijit, Dev and Rukmini join forces for the first time

In a dramatic turn of events, amid the brewing tension between Dev and Srijit Mukherji regarding their dispute over Byomkesh Bakshi’s ‘Durgo Rahasya,’ the actor-producer has managed to surprise everyone with an unexpected announcement. Taking to social media on Thursday, Dev shared photographs featuring himself, the National Award-winning director and Rukmini Maitra. Together, they revealed their collaboration for an upcoming Bengali film, set to release in 2024.

Speculations are running wild regarding Dev’s potential involvement in Mukherji’s biopic on Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah. However, both the actor and the director have chosen to maintain a stoic silence on the matter, keeping the audience in suspense. In response to the queries, Dev simply stated, “I can’t reveal the specifics about the subject, but discussions have been ongoing for quite some time. Recently, I heard Srijit’s narration and we felt the film needs to be made.”

Interestingly, Rukmini will be acting in Mukherji’s film for the first time. When Subhashree Ganguly had to step down from her role in ‘Dawshom Awbotaar’ due to her pregnancy, Mukherji wanted to cast Rukmini. Unfortunately, Rukmini’s dates coincided with her commitment to another Bengali film, ‘Boomerang,’ where she stars opposite Jeet. Consequently, Jaya Ahsan has now been selected to play the leading lady in ‘Dawshom Awbotaar’. “Rukmini liked the script of the new film and even Srijit said that the character wouldn’t suit anyone but her,” said Dev.

On August 11, Dev’s Byomkesh Bakshi film, ‘Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya,’ is set to hit the screens. Simultaneously, Mukherji, too, has unveiled the teaser poster for his upcoming Byomkesh web series, based on the same story with Anirban Bhattacharya playing the iconic sleuth. However, amid the initial concerns of a clash between the two projects, both Dev and Mukherji have reached a consensus to ensure that their respective ventures don’t overlap.

“Recently, Srijit, producer of the web series Shrikant Mohta and I talked and arrived at a mutual conclusion. All three are stakeholders in the projects and we don’t want to disrespect anyone. Also, it’s important to understand that in a small movie industry like ours, this feud will not lead to anything productive. Now, the Byomkesh projects will not be released at the same time,” said Dev.

The last time Mukherji teamed up with Dev was in 2016 for ‘Zulfiqar’, an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedies, ‘Julius Caesar’ and ‘Antony and Cleopatra’.

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