Sricharaneshu Ma: A special Mother’s Day tribute

Sricharaneshu Ma: A special Mother’s Day tribute

‘Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers’ presented ‘Sricharaneshu Ma’ at ‘Alor Disha’, Nandibagan, Kolkata and ‘Sandhyaneer’, Agartala on May 12, 2024. ‘Sricharaneshu Ma’, our very special Mother’s Day celebration, is a tribute to women who know what motherhood all is really about and is an initiative that goes beyond the traditional toe-touching to show respect to the mother of all relationships.

This year’s edition was presented at ‘Alor Disha’, Kolkata and ‘Sandhyaneer’, Agartala homes for mothers who don’t have one of their own. The presentation, dedicated to these mothers who are now in the dusk of their lives, included expressions of much love and care - with a lot of gifting and gaiety - all in the spirit of the day. Renowned ‘kirtan’ singers added to all the joy and happiness of the day.

The directors of ‘Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers’ also handed over cheques totaling Rs 1,30,000 to the two organisations for the welfare of these good old mothers. The glow on the faces of the mothers reflected all the glee in their minds and hearts.

“We have always taken our pursuit of excellence beyond the four walls of the jewellery showrooms and shown concern for all that is ailing in society - extending a helping hand whenever the need arose,” said Rupak Saha, Director, ‘Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers’, adding, “‘Sricharaneshu Ma’ - at ‘Alor Disha’, Kolkata and ‘Sandhyaneer’, Agartala - gave us great joy in being able to light up faces in these old-age homes and celebrate mothers and motherhood because nothing on earth is more precious.”

“Mothers bring us into this world and are always there for us and it is the responsibility of every worthy son and daughter to take care of the mother, especially at an age when she is not able to fend for herself,” said Arpita Saha, Director, ‘Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers’, adding, “‘Sricharaneshu Ma’ is a move in that direction and calls for a mass movement to put a sunny smile in the faces of abandoned mothers watching their sunset.”

The programme of the day concluded with a sit-in lunch and ended on a sweet note.

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