Speaking Art Fest: A platform for presenting unique creations

Speaking Art Fest: A platform for presenting unique creations

The ‘Speaking Art Fest’ has been gaining immense momentum as it provides a platform for visual artists to showcase their unique creations. The grand opening ceremony saw a huge turnout from the art community, with great footfall noticed at the event, which took place at AIFACS, one of the oldest art centers in the Lutyens zone.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of prominent personalities such as Ram V Sutar, Roopchand, Bimon Bihari Das, Ashok Bhowmick and Professor Sanjeev Verma. Despite his busy schedule, Rahul Gandhi also managed to visit the show and spend quality time with the artists.

The second day of the fest saw an increase in excitement as art collectors and buyers flocked in to view and purchase artworks. A live portrait workshop conducted by internationally acclaimed artist Shakti Singh Ahlawat on the second day was attended by many art enthusiasts and artists, adding to the success and popularity of the ‘Speaking Art Fest’.

The event, organised by the ‘Speaking Art Foundation’, is meticulously planned and follows international standards, making it a must-visit for all art lovers.

The festival also caught the eye of prominent figures such as author and activist Taslima Nasreen, who visited the show on its second day. Nasreen interacted with several artists and appreciated their works.

The last day to visit this extraordinary event is today, that is, October 2, 2023.

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