Sapphire Creations’ ‘SappTop Series’ musical becomes a hit

Sapphire Creations’ ‘SappTop Series’ musical becomes a hit

Acclaimed Kolkata-based choreographer Sudarshan Chakravorty has always been known for experimenting with dance forms. He is also instrumental in bringing various world-famous dance productions to Kolkata.

Now, Sapphire Creations Dance Company and Sudarshan recently presented ‘SappTop Series’, Session III with French choreographer Michel Casanovas, who led a seven-day residency as part of INCRES XV (International Choreographers Residency of Sapphire) in Kolkata.

Michel combined his dance experience and the Feldenkrais Method in workshops and offered the participants a space of creativity and self-discovery. Through slow movement explorations from the ‘Feldenkrais Method’ and variations of actions in a larger range, the showcase led with dancers already presented on stage. With voiceover creative prompts by Michel himself, the dancers were allowed to find their freedom of the body in response to each other and space within the body and outside.

The aesthetics of Michel’s work lies in the imagination and influence of the elements of water and wind which the dancers are encouraged to investigate.

Meanwhile, ‘WaterGames’, also choreographed by Michel, is a choreographic project, an abstract composition playing on different rhythms where dancers explore the different qualities, facets and sensations of water.

The dancers, namely Dipna Daryanani, Kamakshi Saxena, Maniny Chakrabarty and Bhavna Pani, put up a great show.

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