Sanjiban hospital and Suchetna join hands

A meeting was held in Sanjiban hospital, Fuleswar, on November 13, 2019, where an MOU was signed between Sanjiban hospital and Suchetna (a Delhi based NGO) to work together in setting up self help group and provide training to underprivileged people in local community in Howrah and beyond.

Dr Dalia Mitra, Medical Director, Sanjiban Hospital explained the background of the purpose of the meeting. She deliberated on the activities of Suchetna in brief. Presented the ideology based functions of Sanjiban Hospital.

Dr Subhashis Mitra, Chairman of the hospital, introduced Anushri Mukherjee, who left her job in IAS cadre to establish Suchetna, an NGO, for the Purpose of empowerment of women and children. He also introduced Air Commodore Ranjan Mukherjee, who has also worked in various capacities for the Government of India and a major facilitator of Suchetna.

The Chairman explained the purpose of joining Sanjiban and Suchetna in empowering the local women and youths by enrolling them in Skill development programs at Sanjiban through Utkarsa Bangla. Consumables for the Hospital produced by the trained members of the Self Help Groups will be purchased by Sanjiban. Youths will be trained as unarmed security personnel.

Air commodore Ranjan Mukherjee expressed his happiness for the joint effort of Suchetna and Sanjiban. In his opinion this will be a great leap for both the organisation in implementing their precise efforts of Human Resource Development.

Anushri Mukherjee gave a brief outline for implementation of the agreement between Sanjiban and Suchetna.

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