Sandipta Sen wants to try her hands at comedy

Sandipta Sen wants to try her hands at comedy

Bengali actor Sandipta Sen recently tied the knot with his long-time beau, Soumya Mukherjee, in Kolkata. After two years of courtship, they chose the path of marriage. “When we were seeing each other, I knew I had found someone with whom I could share everything. Also, both of us wanted to get married. Though I am not against live-in relationships, I wanted to have a wedding,” she said.

Sandipta, known for her strong roles, quickly went back to work after the wedding with ‘Bodhon 2’. In the first season, she played a strong character named Raka Sen, fighting for justice for a raped survivor. Directed by Aditi Roy, ‘Bodhon 2’ explores social issues such as women trafficking, deep-rooted superstitions and class struggles within 200 km of Kolkata. “In season one, Raka Sen was shown as a strong girl with a strong belief system and who doesn’t shy away from protesting. But in season two, initially, Raka seems quite shocked by everything that is happening around her. We shot in a village where no one had any TV set. It was a unique experience,” said the ‘Durga’ actor.

While Sandipta is known for playing strong roles, she isn’t afraid of being typecast and is open to trying comedy. “In serials, of course, I have been shown as a strong character. But in ‘Murder in the Hills’, I had a negative character and in ‘Nostoneer’, Aparna had resilience. But I am ready to do comedy,” she said.

Discussing the pressing issue of crimes against women, Sandipta expressed concern and said, “Unfortunately, not much has changed and I don’t have many examples where I can tell you that the crime against women is on the decline.” She emphasised the importance of sex education in preventing and combating sexual abuse against women and children. The actor would soon start shooting for ‘Nostoneer’ Season 2.

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