Sagarika, Karan excited for BOSS

'BOSS - Baap of Special Services' is an ALTBalaji show, directed by Ankush Bhatt. The 10-episode series revolves around an undercover detective, who joins Shimla's Task Force under strange circumstances

After earning name in the entertainment industry, both Sagarika Ghatge and Karan Singh Grover have finally made their digital debut with ALTBalaji's web series 'BOSS – Baap of Special Services'.

In an exclusive conversation with Millennium Post, the actors talks about the experience of shooting for this show, challenges they faced, expectations they had, and a lot more.

What is this show about? Why did you sign it?

KARAN: 'BOSS' is an abbreviation for Baap of Special Services. The show, which is aired on ALTBalaji, is written by Ghalib Bhai – who I believe has weaved the story really well and done justice to the show. Ankush Bhatt, the producer/director and one and only Ekta Kapoor have done a great job as makers.

I signed the role for my character – a person who is pretending to be someone else, and why he is doing that, is the theme around which the show revolves.

SAGARIKA: Ankush Bhatt came to me and told me about the show, and trust me all it took was a simple one-liner brief about the series to get me excited about the show.

Tell us something about your characters and experience of working on this show?

SAGARIKA: I am playing the role of Sakshi Ranjan, an ACP, who heads the special task force in Shimla. She is a righteous and strong woman, who abides by the rules.

It was absolutely awesome experience to cherish throughout my life. I can say it was a role that I really wanted to play (because it was a cop), and I'm glad that I got the chance to live this character and perform to the best of my abilities.

KARAN: I had a great time working with these amazing people. The character which I am playing has so many shades in it and apart from that, the show has everything that we expect – thrill, action, comedy, and romance. All this is what the series is about.

What were the major challenges you faced while shooting for the show?

SAGARIKA: The major challenge was the tight schedule as we were shooting non-stop for days. Apart from that, being a cop, my character demanded me to ride the bike. And being my first experience on bike, I fell down from the bike on the very first day of the shoot. So, that part was a bit challenging for me.

KARAN: As an artist, I believe challenges are what makes all of us grow as a human being. It's an important part of our life, as I think whenever we reach a level of comfort, we tend to be static. Having said that, as an artist, more the roles you take up, different characters you will get to play, which will actually help you grow.

What were your initial expectations with this show?

SAGARIKA: Being humans, I think for us expectations are always there with everything. Even in this show, we gave our 100%, and had so much fun shooting. Having put in so much effort and dedication into our characters, we hoped that audience enjoys the show.

KARAN: Obviously when you put in so much efforts, you expect and hope it to do well, and that is all we ever wished for.

Who would have played your character in BOSS better than you?

SAGARIKA: To be honest, I myself never imagined playing this character. But I am sure anyone could have played the role. It's a strong character and a lot of people would have loved to play this role.

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