Rupam Islam’s album ‘Aami’ inspired film to premiere in Italy

Director Amartya Bhattacharyya is elated to screen the film in one of the world’s oldest festivals

Rupam Islam’s album ‘Aami’ inspired film to premiere in Italy

Indie director Amartya Bhattacharyya’s latest film, a cinematic adaptation of ‘Fossils’ frontman Rupam Islam’s path-breaking album ‘Aami’ is all set to have its world premiere later this month at the 77th Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno 2023 (77th Salerno International Film Festival) in Italy.

The festival is one of the oldest film festivals, which started in 1946 and featured masters like Vittorio De Sica, Rossano Brazzi, Adriana Benetti, Maria Mercader and Mariella Lotti in its inaugural edition. Titled ‘Son of Adam’, the film is in the feature film competition (‘Lungometraggi’) section and will be screened on December 1 at the renowned Cinema Augusteo in Salerno, Italy.

The album was launched in 2020 and it is Rupam’s first collaboration with guitar maestro Amyt Datta. The album comprises several hits including ‘Adomer Shontan’, ‘Aami Jaai’, ‘Boi Chor’ and others. The name of the film is derived from the song’s name ‘Adomer Shontan’ and it revolves around a personified primitive man who is perplexed by the duality of innocence and experience. “I can’t thank Rupam Islam enough for having put his trust in me. I feel so happy that the film is having its world premiere at one of the world’s oldest festivals and at such a vintage theater,” said Bhattacharyya, whose earlier film ‘Adieu Godard’ premiered at the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival 2021.

According to Rupam Islam, also the presenter of the film, the National Award-winning director wrote the screenplay and narrated it to him. “It felt unique and different in a lot of ways. Not just Kolkata, the film explores several beautiful locations across the Andamans, Darjeeling and western parts of Odisha,” said the singer.

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