Reviving lost sensitivity towards theatrical art

Delhi Government's art and culture wing Sahitya Kala Parishad who promotes the various Indian art and culture is in action with a new concept Bharatmuni Rang Utsav that will be held on October 21 and 22, at LTG Auditorium.

Sahitya Kala Parishad is organising this 2-day program with an aim to revive the lost sensitivity towards theatrical art. Each day four solo/group acts will be performed.

Sharing his thoughts about the event, Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, said, "Theatrical play is one of the quintessential art of reinterpretation and this needs to be revived. I am glad to see we have many talented artists who are coming together on such a big platform to promote theatrical act. This is one the cultural events that Delhi audience should look forward to."

On first day, audience will see some exciting line-up of artists presenting their act with social messages. Aparna who will present her act 'Kaalantar' depicts the face of the society and how women are treated in the same way as they were treated in different era.

She draws similarities between today's modern age women to that of Draupadi and Gandhari. This act will be followed by Sushil Sharma who will present his play Zahar, originally written by Pankaj Soni. The story revolves around a modern age husband and wife and their relationship, which with time surfaces various conflicts. Later in the evening, Chandra Shekar Sharma will come up with Prem Parinde. Written and directed by him, the play is about 21st-century love couple who goes through several circumstances that force them to think about various aspects of love. The day will come to an end with Dukani by Himmat Singh Negi.

On day two, there will another interesting line-up of acts with messages to think on. The first act is by Satprakash who will present Ramayan. This will be followed by Vashisht Upadhyay's 'Aao Tanik Prem Kare'. The story enforces the importance of love in everyone's life. The play is about. The play is about a married couple who takes each work as their responsibility, even consider their relationship as a responsibility At the age of 60, the husband realizes that he never loved all his life, and even if he has, he never conveyed it openly. With this message the evening continues with another interesting play by PrasoonNaren – Vaishnavki Fislan. The play depicts the religious hypocrisy prevailing in society. If there is any practice which not allowed in the name of religion but at the same time it is important to do it, then people somehow make a way for it and convince themselves that nothing is wrong in it. The two-day event will come to an end with Shahidsaajby Vijay Singh. The play is about a merchant who after partition settles in Pakistan to make profit. On reaching there, he makes money by crook or hook, but he doesn't find peace within. In the end, he realizes that peace is in martyrdom.

This two-day festival will see some excellent artists who will light up the stage with their renditions.

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