Revive your hair with colours this Winter

Beautiful winter is here, so is this strong feeling to change your everyday fashion and go for those leather pants, high neck sweaters, and that amazing pair of boots. The cosy season also comes with a great opportunity to experiment with new hair colours.

In the winter months, hair tends to look dry, dull and lifeless. The quickest way to revive, refresh and bring life to your tresses is just to add some splash of colours that will brighten up any day in the winter season.

In case you're in a similar thought but can't choose which hair colour to pick, don't worry the specialist will help you guide the perfect shade.

Give your hair a flame of red: It's essential to find that ideal shade that compliments your skin tone. And you're right, red is such a colour which compliments all the skin tones without giving any much thought to it. This winter try to colour your hair with some shades of red and beat the gloomy weather with its spark.

Add some copper in your tresses: Copper is the colour to go for, when you want to colour your hair and look natural at the same time. Style this look in some pretty curls to enhance the shade.

Rich & monochromatic hair with deep burgundy: Burgundy hair may be the most mystical and secretive of all the different shades of red hair hues. Burgundy, wine, and maroon hair colours are all piece of this group of shades that are deep, cool, and looks unique on your face. This is also the boldest shade you could ever imagine on yourself. Burgundy adjusts to your basic hair colour and also gives you that retro look. Girls who would like to stand out from the crowd this winter can opt for deep burgundy.

Get heads to turn with ash light brown: While this hair shade is extremely rich and stylish, it is also excessively versatile, adaptable with a hint of an edge. The colour can be refined and sophisticated with highlights and can lift your everyday winter look in style.

Go all funky colours with some crazy violet: People are often in doubt while choosing the hair shade which is totally out of the common hair colour shades. We believe violet is that unique hair colour that can make you look cool, sensual, mysterious, and charming – all at the same time. (Inputs by Agnes Chen, National Technical Head at Streax Professional)

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