Repair, redesign, repurpose your wardrobe

If your wardrobe is overloaded with clothes that are not used much, it may be time to transform them into something more functional

As sustainable fashion has become the top trend, wardrobe redesigning is becoming more popular. If your wardrobe is overloaded with clothes that are not used for more than three months, it may be time to transform them into something more functional. Here are few innovative ways to repair, reuse and redesign your wardrobe.

Scarves into printed belts: Bring out the quirkiness quotient by transforming your scarves into printed belts. This can be worn along with any monochrome shirts and a pair of jeans. All you need to do is cut the scarf into half its size, fold the belt as per your preferred width of a belt size and stitch a big buckle in the front of the scarf. You can also place the scarf in the belt loops of your pant and make a messy bow on the side.

Jeans into flare leg jeans: Tie waist flare leg jeans are in vogue and your old pair of jeans can be put to great use by transforming them into flare leg jeans. Cut the side seam of your jeans by 10-12 inches up from the hem. Stitch a godet (a triangle shaped fabric used to give flare to garments) using a lace or brocade fabric on each leg to bring flare.

Create eyewear chains using old earrings: Add more glam to your spectacle look by creating eyewear chains using beads and stones from your old pair of earrings. While this will make your look more appealing while you wear your specs, it can become a glamorous chain when your specs hang down. Eyewear chains can be easily created. Take a basic link chain and thread the beads and stones from the earrings into the link. You can either keep the colour and pattern similar on both sides of the chain or make it asymmetrical if you want to go bold. Place hooks on both ends of the chain and fix it onto your spectacles.

Spare earrings can be used to enhance your choker neck T-shirts and hair clips: When you lose an earring, keep the other one and enhance the look of your choker neck T-shirts by inserting the earring in the middle of the fabric choker. Insert the metal stick of your earring in the top and then bend the metal stick. Stitch the earring from the inner side of the shirt and your T-shirt would look brand new. The stones and beads from your earrings can also be stuck to your tik-tak clips, hair bands, hair clips and more.

Brocade blouses can revamp your watches: Watches can be the highlight of your look by making a minor change to its straps. Make your watch an ethnic accessory by changing its leather straps with brocade straps. Use the fabric from one of your old blouses, Stitch press buttons in the middle of your strap or a Velcro after replacing the leather straps.

Printed blouse fabrics into bows for shoes: You can redesign your shoes using the fabrics from old printed blouses, be it silk or cotton. The fabric can be used in multiple ways for your shoes. You can create a bow with the fabric for a closed pair of monochrome shoes. You can also give the look of roman sandals to your standard sandals by using strings of fabric. The strings need to be stitched criss-cross from the sandals till the ankle. Later, the strings need to be pulled till the calf muscles while worn.

Scarves into a crimped skirt: Take four of your old scarves and place it next to each other in the form of a large square. Cut the centre of the scarves in a circular shape and stitch them together. Once your skirt is ready, dip it in water for 5 minutes and twist the skirt from both ends in the opposite direction until the bends meet. Keep it overnight to dry and the crimped skirt is ready to be worn. The crimping process is temporary and needs to be done after every wash.

Old shirt into cushion covers: Take an old shirt, preferably vibrant ones and cut the top part of the shirt, leaving behind a square shaped fabric as per the length of your cushion size which would be either 12" or 14". Stitch one end of the shirt which was previously cut and keep the other side of the shirt open. Stitch a Velcro strap on the open end of the shirt and voila, your cushion cover is ready to be used.

Shirt sleeves can be transformed into mobile covers: The same old shirt can be used in many more ways, mobile covers are one such form. Cut the sleeves of the shirt according to size of your mobile and stitch the cut end of the sleeve together. Similar to the cushion cover, add a Velcro strap or a flap on the open end of the sleeve. You can also make it a sling by attaching a long chain to it.

Traditional sarees can become file covers and laptop covers: Make every stationary item at your workplace an appealing accessory with the fabric from your old blouses and dupattas. To make a file cover, place 3 to 4 layers of fabric in a large square form, include 2 cardboard sheets that equally sized and ensure it is within the size of the fabric. The cardboard needs to be covered by 1 layer of fabric at the bottom side & 2 layers of fabric on the top. Stitch the corners of the fabric and slit the top layer of the fabric to make pockets for your documents to be inserted.

Dupattas can be used as wine bottle covers and handcrafted giveaway bags: Cut a large square piece of cloth from an old dupatta and place your wine bottle on the centre of the piece. Pull the ends of the cloth till the top and tie a fashionable ribbon near the bottle neck. Leave 2 inches of the cloth and cut the rest of the fabric left. Your wine bottle gift is ready to be given to your loved ones. Handcrafted bags can also be created in smaller sizes while throwing a house party. One can wrap chocolates and share it with the guests as a giveaway gift.

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