Renew your home décor by introducing new patterns to it

Good home decor is not all about expensive accessories. Even beautiful motifs and classic colourful designs on home furnishing can amp up the interior with a fun and joyous vibe.

One can bring out the fun side too with interesting customised ideas and fill up the walls with vivid designs and colors, says experts from the world of interior designing.

From floral and botanical to

geometric and damasks, the experts have suggested ways in which one can paint their homes beautifully. Following are some options.

Bold black and white

High contrast: black and white, in the interior definitely adds a little drama to the home decor. With its timeless look, a black and white pattern draws an emotional response. Through its use in fabrics, rugs, upholstery or solid surfaces, one can infuse a wow factor in the decor.

Combination patterns

Repetitive patterns can give a visual boost in the decor. A combination of patterns on the walls create a nice symphony of colours and patterns that bring some surreal effects to the living space.

Go large

Large patterns are an excellent way to decorate a spacious area, making the space look closer. However, to avoid overpowering interior, furnish the floor with loud patterns so that it won't visually steal attention away from the main pieces. One can laminate wood flooring with irregular patterns that stand out prominently, or a smooth grey flooring to tone it down.

Artistic engrave

The most common pattern one can engrave on the walls of the home is floral and botanical. In fact, these styles go well with all types of interior and decor pieces in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or installations on the accent wall in the entryway. Moreover, the timeless versatility of the beautifully engraved patterns can effortlessly add joy and delight to the interior of a home.

Polka dots

The classic pattern, polka dots, is a la mode in interior decor. Numerous variations are used in stylish and original ways to render a classy and modern look for the living space. Further, one can keep the colour palette in the room simple yet subtle to keep the surrounding overwhelming.

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