Remembering Ghalib: A celebration of the iconic poet’s enduring legacy

Remembering Ghalib: A celebration of the iconic poet’s enduring legacy

As the year nears its end, the capital city of New Delhi prepares to resonate with the poignant lyrics and timeless charm of Mirza Ghalib. The Sahitya Kala Parishad, Department of Art, Culture and Language, Delhi Government, in collaboration with the ‘Ghalib Memorial Movement’ and ‘Bhartiya Sangeet Sadan’, presents ‘Remembering Ghalib’, a three-day cultural extravaganza celebrating the iconic poet’s enduring legacy. From December 24 to 28, 2023, Delhi will be enveloped in the magic of Ghalib’s ghazals through captivating performances, insightful narratives and a vibrant atmosphere.

The celebrations begin on December 24 with a symbolic candlelit procession from Chandni Chowk Town Hall to Ghalib’s historic Haveli in Ballimaran. This evocative journey culminates in a commemorative ceremony at the Haveli, where esteemed guests like Kathak exponent Uma Sharma, Suresh K Goel (former DG, ICCR), Firoz Bakht Ahmed (Chancellor, MAANU, Historian) and Badrudduja Siddiqi Najmi will pay homage to the poet’s genius. The evening will transcend into a mesmerising musical tribute as Ustad Imran Khan, a disciple of the renowned Ustad Naseer Ahmed Khan Saheb and inheritor of the illustrious Dilli Gharana, will weave his magic through Ghalib’s most cherished ghazals.

On December 27, the India Islamic Cultural Centre on Lodhi Road becomes the stage for a captivating program. Uma Sharma, a pioneer in infusing intellectual depth into the art of Kathak dance, will present ‘Shama Har Rang Mein Jalti hai Sahar Hone Tak’, a stunning portrayal of one of Ghalib’s most profound ghazals, accompanied by her talented ensemble. This spellbinding performance will be further enhanced by the musical expertise of Ustad Imran Khan.

The final day, December 28, will culminate in a grand ‘mushaira’ dedicated to Ghalib. Eminent author, diplomat and former MP Pavan K Varma provides a compelling narrative, enriching the audience’s understanding of the poet’s masterful compositions. Conceptualised by Uma Sharma, this ‘mushaira’ promises to be a captivating convergence of renowned Urdu poets.

Talking about the event, the Minister of Art, Culture and Language in Delhi, Saurabh Bhardwaj, stated, “The event will bring to life the essence of Ghalib’s beloved ghazals, crafting a profound work of art that will touch the hearts of all those present. The convergence of Ghalib’s soulful poems with the eloquence of Kathak dance is an element that holds great promise. I encourage each one of you to be a part of this cultural celebration as we come together to appreciate and honour the rich culture of our artistic heritage. Let us collectively enjoy the graceful amalgamation of Ghalib’s poetry and the movements of Kathak dance.”

This three-day celebration is an invitation to delve into the captivating world of Mirza Ghalib, where words become music, emotions come alive and literary brilliance transcends time. ‘Remembering Ghalib’ promises to be a cultural feast for ghazal enthusiasts, poetry lovers and anyone seeking a glimpse into the genius of one of India’s most celebrated poets.

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