Presenting a journey through photographs

India International Centre is organising an exhibition of photographs, called 'A House for Mr Yabako' by artist Peeyush Sekhsaria – a man builds a home for himself once in a life time, where he will return tired at the end of a hard day's work, where his children will play and grow. Only when Yabako sees that Adama's family is happy in their new home, a Nubian vault, will he start thinking of building a Nubian vault home for himself.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Sanjay Prakash on February 11 at Shift Studio, 6:30 pm onwards will be on view until February 18 at Annexe Art Gallery, IIC, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

As part of this exhibition, there will be an illustrated talk by Peeyush Sekhsaria in the Annexe Lecture Room II on February 15, on the topic 'Around the World in a Nubian Vault'.

During the discussion, the photographer who will present journey of the Nubian Vault, starting from a chance discovery by Hassan Fathy in a Nubian village, north of the Sahara in Egypt.

It will be based on personal journeys and face to face interactions in Burkina Faso, Niger, Egypt and India and will trace the journey of the 3300 year old Nubian Vault from Nubia to the architecture of Hassan Fathy and from there to Central Asia (Uzbekistan) and even Nalanda in the 7th century, followed by the modern era.

The talk will be chaired by Professor K T Ravindran.

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