Playing 'Kuckoo' opened doors

In a tête-à-tête, Kubbra shares how the role changed her life

What changed for you after 'Sacred Games'?

It would be right to say that the trajectory of my career took a whole new twist after 'Sacred Games'. In fact, now I have this uncanny ability to dream. The journey from playing 'Kuckoo' has given me a new lease of life.

I am gratefully that this role and show happened to me. With the grace of God, and everyone's blessings last one year has been 'busiest acting years' for me. I have to credit a lot of that to 'Sacred Games'.

From signing side roles to playing one of the central characters 'Kuckoo' in a web show, how has the journey been. Was any of it planned?

What started irking me the most was that comfort (while anchoring). I wanted to break out of that comfort zone to start something new.

I took those leap of faiths at that point to avoid being stereotyped, typecast. For me it was not a planned journey –that I am doing this so I should get it. The whole idea for me was to collaborate with different people. I believe more than anything, this perception towards work has helped me get all such work.

I am a believer of 'work is what gets you more work'.

Do you think 'Kuckoo' is still attached to your image. How would you get out of that character's identity?

'Kuckoo' was such a beautiful character that I got to play. I always admit that when I die, people will say that 'Kuckoo' is dead. But as an actor, I want to be more than just 'Kuckoo'.

I want to try different projects, try out new characters and make a new identity every time I am on the screen.

For me as an artist, the kind of life I live is what will matter at the end. I am enjoying playing different roles, telling different stories, associating with different people on various platforms. I think it is going to be the diversity that will leave impact at the end of the day.

How was the experience of sharing screen with big names of the industry? Have you ever feared that your work will be overshadowed?

I think the job of an actor is to do their job and not to worry about who is overshadowing them. The idea is not competing with others, but doing what you are good at. And, if you are honest in doing your work, I believe no one can overshadow you. It is the silence that speaks more than words, more than the screen time.

I am extremely blessed that I got a chance to work with stalwarts of the industry – Ranveer Singh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Salman Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Sumeet Vyas – these people taught me 'less is more'.

Tell us something about your role in The Verdict – State vs Nanavati'. How was your experience?

I have played Mini Ahuja in the show. She was the sister of victim Prem Ahuja – who was shot by an esteemed navy officer. I am really happy that we have highlighted the perspective and emotions of the woman character as much as the male counterparts of the show.

And as far as my experience is concerned, I must say it was amazing. It was such an extensive deep dive into the inner self and challenges a woman faces as the only survivor, the only flag bearer of a particular story.

What kind of approach or method do you follow in order to get under the skin of the character?

In this particular project, for me it was more than just getting underneath the skin of this character. I had to shed my own skin and understand the nitty-gritties of the role. My greatest challenge was to be like Mini – to be that suppressed, quiet woman of those times (which I am not at all like).

Do you thing web has helped in shaping your career more than films or TV could have ever done?

I think every single phase in my life – TV, film, stage, web shows – has helped in shaping me as a human being. So, I just give the credit to every single stage I have been to, every single project I have been associated with.

What kind of roles are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the roles that are closer to the soul. As an artist, it is important to look for characters that have something to say, some narration to inspire others.

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