Patton introduces solution for India's water crisis

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the next war will be over water.

A vital asset for our daily existence on this planet, water is the nourishment that is required to both survive and sustain. A steadily increasing world population, rampant water pollution, and the unchecked exploitation of natural resources have played their role in bringing us to where we stand today. Negligence of water bodies like lakes and tanks, abuse of groundwater, and incorrect preservation of surface water systems have added to the growing burden.

It is high time that we wake up to the reality, smell the coffee, get our act together, and find solutions for water conservation.

All of us have an equally important, positive, undeniable role to play, and in our own humble way, Patton does its bit to meet the problem head on. As a forward-thinking, forward-looking, environment-friendly organisation, Patton Group is committed to providing and implementing sustainable solutions for water conservation. In West Bengal, they have been proactive in addressing water woes, ideating solutions, and have taken leadership to combat this looming crisis via Rainwater Harvesting, Ground Water Recharging, Introducing "Water-On-Wheels" in different parts of West Bengal.

Preeyam Budhia, President, Business Development, Patton Group informs that the group has worked with different bodies such as Public Health Engineering Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland, Management, Institution of Public Health Engineers, and the Forest Department to implement 52 rainwater harvesting projects across Darjeeling, Bardhaman, the Sunderbans, and Kolkata.

It has installed a 30,000-litre capacity rainwater harvesting project and will be scaling to 50,000 litres for captive consumption. Their aim is to install tanks to collect 2,00,000 litres of rainwater across our other plants. At Uluberia the harvested rainwater is being used for machine cooling, mould cooling, gardening, and drinking water.

What makes their tanks so suitable for RWH projects are the quality and the design. Patton tanks, made of food-grade, virgin plastic, stand the test of time and a seamless design ensures no leakage of water. Also, in contrast with metal tanks, there is no danger of rust forming.

Another problem faced by millions of women and children in India is regarding the transportation of water they need. Around one out of every five people in rural India do not have access to potable water. Many have to walk miles and miles daily to gain access to drinkable water.

Patton Group, committed to finding a sustainable solution for transporting and storing drinking water for all parts of West Bengal, took up the mantle and introduced a specially designed water tank.

The Patton-water-on-wheels-roller-tank is a unique water tank wih 90-litre water capacity. The effective design distributes the weight of the water over a wide rolling surface on the ground. The high-quality material of the tank body maintains the cleanliness and volume of the drinking water.

The Patton-Water-On-Wheels has already been introduced in districts like Darjeeling, Bankura, Purulia etc.

Every person needs to be cognizant of the fact that it is time to embrace both blue and green to move towards a future where a clean and healthy environment is the most important legacy we leave behind. Any measures that you take, big or small, counts.

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