Paras Foundation: Feeding the hungry

Paras Foundation’s noble step of feeding the poor people in and around Delhi-NCR under their new initiative ‘Aahar-Free Food Van’

Paras Foundation has taken a noble step of feeding the poor people in and around Delhi-NCR (including the nearby villages) under their new initiative 'Aahar- Free Food Van'. Free food van was launched on December 31 by the founder of Paras Foundation Pravesh Jain, who extensively spoke about its aim to provide free food to the underprivileged.

Appreciating the thoughtful initiative, Journalist Rohini Singh tweeted: "What a lovely end to the year. Thank you

@PRAVESHPARAS for your initiative to feed a thousand people every day. May your tribe increase". The tweet was also shared by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Paras Foundation has always tried to give a better life to people in the best possible way. They run an old age home Ghauranda, which shelters innumerable old and helpless people who have been illtreated and abandoned by their families.

Also, the foundation runs a blind home, leprosy village adoption for care, polio care to children, free health institutes, blind home, orphanage, assisting the victims of disaster like floods, cyclone earthquakes and more.

What's interesting is that Paras Foundation does not take donations or aid from outside. Instead, they rely on profits of their commercial enterprise

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