P C Chandra Group inspires people to save water

We all know, the world's second most populous country, India, is running out of water. As per the recent report of NITI Ayog on groundwater level, 21 Indian cities will run out of groundwater by 2020, affecting around 100 million people. Groundwater, which has been gradually exhausting for years, makes up 40% of the country's water supply.

In this scenario, P C Chandra Group, the leading business house from East India, launched their CSR initiative #StopTheDrop on August 22, at P C Chandra Garden, which aims at creating awareness about conserving water.

At the event, the veteran actor-photographer Sabyasachi Chakraborty, who is also a water conservation activist conducted a session on the topic, followed by a live painting session by 20 eminent artists on the theme #StopTheDrop.

Under the initiative by the Group, 20 colleges of West Bengal have already begun the rainwater harvesting initiative in their college premises, where the entire initiative has been supported by the Group itself.

Speaking on the initiative, Uday Kumar Chandra, Managing Director, P C Chandra Jewellers said, "It is not a campaign, but a movement to fulfil our corporate social responsibility under the thematic area of water conservation. We have associated with 20 colleges from West Bengal, where each college has the access to 2500 to 5000 students. They have started making water harvesting structure inside their college premises, thus recycling the rainwater that reduces the dependence on running water."

"It is not very difficult and expensive to harvest rainwater, neither saving wastage in daily life. All we need to do is to join our hands together and take a pledge of using water according to the need without wasting," he added.

To inspire people to save water, the group will also do a print, radio and digital campaign in the near future.

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