Overcoming menstrual shame

Menstruation is a reality for almost half the population in the world, and yet it is kept as a secret. Understanding the challenges and limitations for girls/women that occur due to period being a taboo, a Delhi based NGO called Sachhi Saheli has taken upon itself to eliminate this shame. The NGO that has been working for 3 years on the ground to spread awareness and education regarding the process of menstruation, organised a unique menstruation-themed festival called the Period Fest'19 and Pad Yatra.

With the message, 'From anxiety to confidence, education about menstruation changes everything', Sachhi Saheli brought the dialogue about periods out in the open. The event took place in Central Park, from 10 am to 4 pm, as approximately 8,000 people became a part of it.

The rally (Pad Yatra) was flagged off by Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia and was joined by several others. With empowering slogans on pad-shaped placards, the students brought Connaught Place to life as they walked around the inner circle and performed acts during the rally. While inside the fest, the different zones were abuzz with activity.

In the pad zone, the crowd was introduced to a variety of period management options by various sanitary supplies brands. Representatives from NGO Haiyya through various interactive activities connected with the youth and the women as they dispensed important information on adolescent and sexual health.

Speaking at the inaugural session, Manish Sisodia said," I would like to congratulate Dr Surbhi Singh and her team from Sachhi Saheli for making tremendous efforts to spread awareness regarding menstruation. I urge each one of you to become brand ambassadors of this message to eradicate shame and silence around periods."

Guest of Honor for the day, Secretary, New Delhi Municipal Corporation, Rashmi Singh, took the stage to talk to the crowd and said, "It is wonderful to have Sachhi Saheli bring this message to the center for everyone to get engaged. We must break the silence around periods and get educated on the topic.

Dr Surbhi Singh, President of Sachhi Saheli also spoke to the audience and said, "It is important to remember that as girls and women we should never be ashamed of periods instead we should be proud."

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