‘OTT has allowed for more diverse content’

Solanki Roy attended a workshop in Mumbai and is ready to explore new horizons

‘OTT has allowed for more diverse content’

With the rise of OTT, many Bengali actors have embraced the streaming platforms, gaining nationwide recognition. Solanki Roy is no exception. While she’s delighted with the positive reaction her recent Bengali film, ‘Sohorer Ushnotomo Dine’ received after its OTT and national TV premiere, the actor also aspires to explore new horizons in Mumbai. Recently, she spent time in Mumbai attending a workshop. “I participated in a workshop in Mumbai. I’m keen on working in Mumbai,” she shared.

After her film’s OTT release, Solanki has received an outpouring of love from Bengalis living outside Kolkata. The film explores themes of love, friendship and the longing of those who have left Kolkata but yearn to return. “We initially wanted the film to screen in theaters outside Bengal too, but that wasn’t possible. Thankfully, with OTT, it’s now accessible to everyone. Given that many Bengalis reside outside the state these days, the film carries a strong sense of nostalgia,” said the ‘Prothoma Kadambini’ actor.

Kolkata, for Solanki, is all about the magic of monsoon and winter. When it comes to love and friendship, she values friendship more, considering it a selfless connection. “Friendship is more important to me than love. Also, I am not a social person. I have a few friends, whom I cherish,” she said.

Her onscreen chemistry with Vikram Chatterjee was appreciated when they first acted in the Bengali serial ‘Ichche Nodee’ in 2015. Both received numerous offers to reunite, but Solanki wanted a script that would do justice to their onscreen pairing. “I believed ‘Sohorer Ushnotomo Dine’ was the perfect story, reuniting us in the way our audience wanted,” said the ‘Baba Baby O’ actor.

Meanwhile, her character Khori in the popular Bengali serial ‘Gaatchora’ garnered immense popularity. However, she had to exit the show due to health reasons. “Working in television is demanding. We often had to shoot for over 14 hours and I did that for a decade. However, due to my health issues, I had to step away from the show. I truly appreciate the love the audience has for me and I assure them that in my upcoming projects, I’ll make sure they are happy,” she said.

As of now, Solanki has her sights set on Mumbai. With numerous Bengali actors venturing into OTT and gaining nationwide recognition, she believes it’s an opportune moment for diverse content and talent. “Bengalis have been a part of the Hindi film and television industry since the early days. With the rise of OTT platforms, there’s been a refreshing diversity in content. Bengal has no dearth of talent and OTT platforms are now keen on exploring actors from various regions,” she said.

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