Numerology in the world of foreign travels and settlement

Numerology in the world of foreign travels and settlement

The world has shrunk in size in the era of globalisation and business. So, everyone wants to achieve greatness in terms of their career. There is no clear definition of success, yet everyone wants to be successful in every way. They want to hold the world in their hands and touch the skies.

In present times, facilities are available in abundance in foreign countries. Going abroad or settling there symbolises happiness and prosperity to garner these facilities, material pleasures or such comforts. Today, almost every person wants to go overseas and make money, earn wealth and acquire happiness.

People work hard and evolve in another country to accomplish their dreams, establish stable careers and eventually have happy family lives.

These days, a vigorous effort is made by youngsters to get a work visa, business visa, student visa, permanent residency and foreign citizenship. While everyone is trying hard, settling abroad can be a dream come true.

Travelling abroad and permanently settling in a foreign country are two different things. If one is thinking of ‘when will I go abroad’ or contemplating ‘settling in a foreign country’ and their efforts are continuously failing, then numerology can help them ascertain their possibilities to settle abroad.

Readers will get the answers to all their questions related to settling abroad here:

• Will I get a work permit, student visa or business visa?

• Will I be a green card holder?

• Will I get permanent residency in a foreign country or foreign citizenship?

In this article, one will learn about three things: numerology for foreign travel, numerology for foreign settlement and how to choose a country.

Numerology for foreign travel: In numerology, number 6 represents Venus and is responsible for foreign travel. This number is also the number of happiness and all worldly pleasures. If an individual has this number in the numerology chart and he/she wants to go abroad, then they can go abroad for sure.

Numerology for foreign settlement: In numerology, the number 5 is the number of stability, so if people have 5 as well as 6 in the numerology chart, then there is complete yoga for foreign settlement. Having both of these numbers in the numerology chart is very good for foreign settlement and also for every other aspect.

Numerology for sudden foreign travel: In numerology, number 4 is the number of Rahu, so if you have this number in the numerology chart, then there can be sudden foreign travel.

How to choose a country: For choosing a country with numerology, one needs to check three things: life path number, birth number and name number.

A person’s life path number, birth number and name number should be compatible with their country name, especially with their life path number and birth number. For example: France - 6; Canada - 6; Spain - 9; India - 3; China - 6; London - 4; Australia - 4; Singapore - 9; the USA - 1 and the UK - 6.

Travel where your numbers take you: Let’s first understand how to calculate the life path number or destiny number.

Life Path Number: It’s a single-digit total of an individual’s first date of birth. For example, if a person’s full date of birth is 14.4.2001, then by adding the first numbers in the date, we get 5, so that person has the number 5 and is also known as the fearless adventurer.

Life Path number 1 (The Offbeat Lover): The number 1 people love offbeat places and are very innovative when it comes to even choosing their destination. Being creative, they tend to pick places that give them a sense of peace.

Life Path number 2 (The Group Traveller): The number 2 people prefer to travel with family and in groups, they are certainly not solo travellers. At times, it gets difficult for them to decide where to go as they are so focused on where everyone else wants to go. Destinations that offer everything for everyone are ideal for them.

Life Path number 3 (The Curious Explorer): The number 3 people are curious to explore the world. They are optimistic and joyful and possess great communication skills.

Life Path number 4 (The Organised Traveller): The number 4 people are adventurous, yet they want their trip impeccably planned and organised. Before going, they research the destination and take note of each detail.

Life Path number 5 (The Fearless Adventurer): The number 5 people are born with a golden passport. They are fearless travellers and love to explore the whole world and experience its varied adventures, beauty and culture.

Life Path number 6 (The Homebound): The number 6 people are more homebound. It’s tough to get them out, but once they are out, they are in it totally. They love travelling with family and are meticulous in planning and executing vacations.

Life Path number 7 (The Spiritual Seeker): The number 7 people are both analysts and spiritualists. They are seekers at every level and travel beckons their soul. The best vacations for them are close to nature and water bodies where they can unwind.

Life Path number 8 (The Business Traveller): The number 8 people are business-minded. They often mix business with travel and enjoy it while making money. They enjoy comfort and quality and prefer the finer things in life.

Life Path number 9 (The Romantic Globetrotter): The number 9 people are compassionate beings who love to explore different cultures. Globetrotters need to slow down at times and opt for destinations that offer peace and space for reflection and calming down.

So, the next time people think of choosing the right country to settle overseas, they must consider the numerological implications and choose the one that aligns with their life path, lucky numbers and overall vibe.

(Rakhhi Jain is a professional numerologist, Vastu consultant and general counsellor from Mumbai, India. Email: Mobile: +91 9594888515, +91 9136910156. ‘Instagram’ handle: numerologybyrakhejain. Facebook handle: Numerology By Rakhe Jain)

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