Niyogi Books announces book ‘Why can’t Elephants be Red?’

Niyogi Books announces book ‘Why can’t Elephants be Red?’

Niyogi Books has proudly announced its first illustrated children’s book ‘Why can’t Elephants be Red?’ by Vani Tripathi Tikoo.

A debut book by actor, producer and board member of CBFC Board, ‘Why can’t Elephants be Red?’ takes a deep dive into the subliminal world resided in by gritty children who are much more resilient than adults. The author delves into their world from a childlike perspective, keeping her parental hat aside.

The author is also a practitioner of GRIPS Theatre, a renowned emancipatory children’s and youth theatre based out of Berlin where adults perform as children, with children and for children. This book is considered to be an extension of her work in the space of theatre and education.

Vani Tripathi Tikoo said, “This book is a salute to the tolerance and resilience of children who can adapt to new surroundings and situations that are sometimes out of their control. They are in sharp contrast to adults like us who constantly crib and complain about things not going their way. Perhaps the adult mind sometimes forgets that we once were children too. My prayer is to bring back that innocence that we have lost and forgotten in our hurry to grow up and become adults.”

“We are delighted to present to you an illustrated children’s book that takes readers into the adorable and magical world of a little girl for whom everyday life is full of wonder, surprises and fun. It’ll bring out in you a feeling of nostalgia for a time when we were young, curious, amiable and agile ourselves. An interesting book for all age groups, it can be enjoyed by children and young parents alike. Also, let’s not forget the uncles and aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers and brothers and sisters who all play important roles in the raising of a child,” said Trisha De Niyogi, Director and COO of Niyogi Books.

The book’s synopsis reads: “Akku is a lively, imaginative and adventurous two-and-a-half-years-old little girl. Growing up partly in Gurgaon and mostly in Singapore, she is the darling of her big joint family consisting of her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as her caregiver and her friend. From playing with her fishy friends and beloved puppy to discovering the wonders of swimming pools, sea beaches, food courts and restaurants, every new experience fills Akku with joy and curious questions. Be it omelettes, pakoras or curd rice, she gobbles them all up. She loves to scribble and draw and mixes up colors to create new ones. Her imagination runs riot with red elephants, crabs that have moustaches and unicorns that don’t have horns. Whether it’s an art class or a playdate with her friend, Akku has fun and learns new things about her world. But the biggest adventure of all awaits Akku - her first day at school.”

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