Nikhil Parekh wins 'Poetry Publication Prize' for his book 'Seeking Solace'

Nikhil Parekh wins Poetry Publication Prize for his book Seeking Solace

On November 17, Nikhil Parekh, an accomplished poet from Ahmedabad, won the 'Poetry Publication Prize - 2021' instituted by 'Proverse Publishing', Hong Kong.

Mrs Bickley highlighted the poet's 47 differently titled books and his 10-time national record holder in the 'Limca Book of Records' (the Indian equivalent of the 'Guinness Book of Records' in her virtual announcement of the 'Poetry Publication Prize - 2021' to Nikhil Parekh for his book 'Seeking Solace'.

'Seeking Solace' encompasses and glorifies one of the quintessential human needs, 'self-help'. Nikhil takes the view that in the current world scenario - disastrously fraught with terrorism, war, prejudice and unemployment of varied kinds - if you want to help another of your fellow mortals, you must first help yourself. This is because positivity can diffuse efficaciously from a soul that's harmonious with the spirit of victorious existence. Various poems embodied in this collection earnestly aim at applying the balm of uninhibited hope, optimistic enlightenment, righteous empowerment and self-friendship to humanity.

Professor George Watt, Adelaide, Australia, in his review of the book, said, "Parekh is to poetry what superheroes are to 'Marvel' and 'DC Comics'." He further compared Nikhil's advocacy to that of two all-time great writers, Voltaire and Walt Whitman.

Professor Jason Polley, Department of English, Hong Kong Baptist University, in his review of the book, said, "Parekh exhorts his listeners to espouse words, that is, to take solace in the sensual experience of listening."

Nikhil's poetic work has received numerous accolades (can be seen on including over 200 quotes drawn from his poetries in a famous compilation '', USA, which puts him in league with some six all-time greats of Indian origin and who's who on the global stage.

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