Naturally North East: The Naga Narrative

The tribes constitute over 8% of the country's population. This is a very significant number. In real terms it corresponds to over 10 crore Indians. The national object of inclusive development (Sabka Vikas) includes the development of tribes as an important component. Our constitution enjoins upon the Government the responsibility of addressing special needs of tribals.

The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) aims to serve the interest of tribes through socio economic betterment, which includes hand woven cotton, wool, silk fabrics, woodcrafts, metal craft, terracotta, beadwork, masques and other objects paintings.

TRIFED has set up a retail chain known as Tribes India to buy the products from tribal and sell the same in market. This in turn is making tribal self-sufficient and providing them with better livelihood opportunities. To expand the tribal product range and designs, TRIFED has collaborated with designer Ritu Beri. Apart from her mastery of international haute couture, Beri has a deep connect with Indian tribal arts, crafts and culture.

By partnering with TRIFED as chief design consultant of Tribes India, Beri is helping in making Tribes India a household name with her expertise in the fashion world.

Ritu Beri in association with Tribes India and Surajkund authorities are organising a first of its kind fashion show 'Naturally North East–The Naga Narrative'.

This fashion show will showcase the naga weave with modern touch and various other products from Northeast states. The North Eastern part of India has a rich crafts tradition of its own.

The event is happening in one of the biggest cultural fairs of India, 'Surajkund Mela'. This mela attracts more than a million visitors every year, thousands of which are tourists. Spread across 40 acres with about 1010 work huts, the mela provides a rare opportunity to showcase handicrafts, handlooms, architecture, performing arts, cuisine etc. to an enormous cross-section of the population. The brainchild of Haryana Tourism, this mela was established to promote the pool of skilled artisans from the well-known as well as remote regions of the country and save our cultural heritage from extinction due to the cheaper machine-made imitations.

The event highlights the culture of Nagaland through fusion attire mixed with their local beaded jewellery. This will showcase a variety of special designed apparels by designer Ritu Beri, highlighting the tribal weaves and motives, accessories, jewellery etc. of the North Eastern States.

Apart from this, Tribes India will showcase a vast variety of North Eastern States textile, accessories, jewellery and Van Dhan natural products such as gooseberry candy, dried wild apple, bamboo shoot, naga king chilli, spices, ginger powder etc in the Surajkund Mela on February 7.

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