Nations become more religious as population ages

As the proportion of older people increases in a country, the chances of the its society becoming more religious also go up, says a study.

Older people are more inclined to believe in God and believe it is important to instil religion in children.

The research suggests that that population ageing can possibly slow down the transition from religious to secular values.

The recently published study predicts that developed countries will become more religious in 20 years.

Older people (aged 50+) constitute almost one-half of the adult (aged 20+) population of developed countries, and this proportion will increase to constitute a significant majority by 2040.

"That is why, it is mainly in the developed countries that global ageing may have the most pronounced effect on slowing down the transition from religious to secular values or, possibly, even on some increase in religiosity," said researchers.

"For example, Japan is known to be one of the countries most affected by ageing, so probably it is not a mere coincidence that a number of important indicators reveal a slowdown of secularization trends and even a certain resurgence of religiosity in this country," they further added.

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