Namaste India to attract overseas buyers towards India

The global value chain has been adversely impacted due to situation in East Asia particularly in China. Its battle with coronavirus is threatening to send the global economy into a disarray by disrupting the arterial supply chains. An acute consumption slowdown in the world's second largest economy which accounts for over 15% of global GDP is further expected to weigh on the global economy.

Rakesh Kumar, Director General, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) said that India sympathises with its neighbours and hope that this menace of coronavirus which has engulfed China and slowly spreading to other parts of the world is contained and there is no loss of life any further. In India there has been discussions and deliberations focused around strategies to fill the gap left by China and encourage buyers to consider India as an alternate sourcing hub and to create new opportunities to position India as a reliable, safe and competitive supplier.

"The global market is not expected to recover before summer of 2021. There would be a huge supply vacuum which India can immensely benefit from by replacing China as the supplier to leading handicraft buyers in USA and European Union," he added.

While speaking on the issue, Rakesh Kumar, Director General – EPCH also offered some innovative and bold suggestions around 'Namaste India' to attract overseas buyers towards Indian fairs and thereby to look at India as a compliant and safe hub. The idea behind weaving promotional campaign around 'Namaste India' is to give strong message to the world that if India is safe for entire delegation of top business magnates accompanying American President then it is equally safe for others from across the globe to come to India. He also articulated marketing approach of roping in travel agents in USA and EU to drive the 'Namaste India' campaign. He suggested Trade Facilitation Officers to be appointed in Indian Missions overseas as well as in Textiles Export Promotion Councils and Ministry of Textiles to work closely in a coordinated manner so as to promote Indian handicrafts and textiles.

"Aggressive publicity campaign using traditional and digital marketing tools to be used in major markets of home, lifestyle, fashion, furniture and textiles with messaging around India being safe and perfect sourcing destination. For India, can use this crises as ideal opportunity to gain market share vacated by China in the manufacturing space in the near term and provide a fillip to "Make in India" efforts of Govternment of India, added Kumar.

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