Mera Planet, Mera Ghar" – Cultivating Environmental Stewardship in Young Minds

Mera Planet, Mera Ghar – Cultivating Environmental Stewardship in Young Minds

New Delhi: As the world commemorates World Environment Day, Sesame Workshop India Trust (SWIT) celebrates the impactful journey of its "Mera Planet, Mera Ghar" initiative. This environmental literacy program has significantly influenced children aged 5-12 years in Delhi, fostering environmental stewardship through STEM-based experiential learning.

Since its inception, "Mera Planet, Mera Ghar" has integrated crucial environmental lessons into daily learning for over 11,600 children in Delhi’s government schools. Through engaging methods featuring beloved characters like Elmo and Chamki, along with Hawa Hawai and AQI Meter ji, the initiative has successfully promoted sustainable practices and active environmental stewardship. Reaching over 25 million individuals via social media and more than 10 million through radio, the program has inspired sustainable behaviours across diverse audiences.

Sonali Khan, Managing Trustee of SWIT, emphasizes, "By involving our youngest citizens in the discourse on sustainability, we are equipping them with the essential tools and knowledge for shaping a sustainable future. Over the last four years, we've witnessed inspiring transformations as these young learners become environmental stewards, influencing their families and communities to adopt sustainable practices."

A survey of over 9,500 children highlighted the program’s success, with 88% of participating students from Grades 2-5 developing a strong understanding of environmental care. Initiatives such as waste segregation and herbal gardens in schools have been notably successful.

SWIT's programmatic approach emphasizes early environmental education, integrating it into school curriculums, promoting mindful resource utilization, and encouraging parental involvement. Collaborative efforts between parents, schools, private organizations, and government bodies are crucial in fostering a generation committed to environmental stewardship.

Looking ahead, SWIT plans to expand "Mera Planet, Mera Ghar" to include more schools and innovate with new digital content, aiming to make environmental education accessible to every child. This initiative continues to shape a greener and more sustainable future for India.

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