Making world a better place for girl child

Sachhi Saheli, in collaboration Delhi legal State Authority and East Delhi D M Office, is holding an event ‘Balika Utsav – Empowering the girl child for a better tomorrow’, on October 15, 2019

"Is she celebrating herself, while the world celebrates the day of girl child," questions Dr Surbhi Singh, Founder of Sachhi Saheli – and NGO working to empower girl child.

She feels even though all the possible efforts are being made to improve the present condition of the girl child in our country, the results are not as good as they should be. "Girls still compare themselves to boys – when they can't step out of their house at night, when empty streets haunt them, when they are molested by people meant to safeguard them, or when they face problems due to poor sanitation. Every year, we celebrate the 'International Girl Child Day', but fail to realise that girls are still not celebrating themselves."

A girl's fight for survival begins in the womb due to an overwhelming desire for sons and fear of dowry. This has resulted in 12 million girls being aborted over the last three decades, according to a 2011 study by The Lancet. At the household level, females are confined to their household chores, raising children and looking after families, irrespective of their education or the job profile. At her workplace, women have limited access to job opportunities and are paid less for the same work.

Looking at the pitiable condition and with the thought to raise awareness about the same, Sachhi Saheli, in collaboration with Delhi legal State Authority and East Delhi D M Office, is holding an event 'Balika Utsav – Empowering the girl child for a better tomorrow', on October 15, 2019. It will take place at ASN Sr. Secondary School, Mayur VIhar, from 8 am – 2 pm. "With this event, we intend to make an effort to eliminate vile judgments and opinions around girls and replace them with essential and practical knowledge," states the President of Sachhi Saheli.

The NGO has always considered education as the most important tool to eliminate injustice towards girl child, and thereby has always focused to increase the enrolment rate of the girl student at the schools and decrease the dropout rate.

"From our interactions with the girls at school we have come to realise that several factors determine these two. The sensitive issues of molestation, menstruation and good touch-bad touch that aren't talked about and have become the very reasons for a girl to give up on her education. For instance, many girls drop out of school or are not able to give due attention to academics because of the sexual harassment they face at home or outside; and in most cases they are reluctant to discuss it with anyone out of shame and the fear of being blamed by the society for being harassed. Such incidents hamper the girl's self-worth and self-esteem and forbid her from moving forward, many times abandoning education."

"Therefore, at this event we would like to talk about all the challenges faced by young girls and attempt to bring forth plausible solutions so that they don't have to sacrifice their future and can realise their potential in a society that is safe and conducive for them. Also, we wish to serve as a platform for audience and participants to get involved and ask questions they are usually reluctant to ask," she further says.

The event will see performance by Asmita Theatre Group, Self-defense performance by ASN Girls, Dance performance by the school students, and much more. Also, there will be various stalls for the beneficiaries present, namely Nutrition Stall, Waste management and hygiene stalls, a stall for dummy police station, and more.

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