'Life is lived off Instagram'

In a tete-e-tete with Meghna Khanna, actress Swara Bhaskar gets vocal about the issues of body shaming and need of ‘accepting yourself’ outside the social media

In the era of social media, one needs to be photo-ready all the time, and Swara Bhaskar feels that this constant pressure of pleasing others in our social circle is making us more conscious than ever."We have made a parallel word for ourselves on social media on which we are in this relentless pressure of looking perfect, posting good pictures and seeking others' approval."

"This dependancy on virtual friends has in turn led to the lack of confidence in us. A situation has arised where seeking approval from them matters more than our own opinion," she adds.

Also, the actor who makes public appearances every now and then in her most glam looks, shares that if she has learned anything in her career, it is that life is lived off Instagram. "Wearing an attire and posing for camera is a part of my job, but actually wearing it and carrying it in real life is totally different," says Swara.

Like most of her opinions, Swara's take on body shaming also holds great substance. The actor notes that the issue is not new, we have been known to it, and dealing with it since long. "The issues of getting accepted in the social circle is nothing new to women. It has been there since time immemorial, but I feel, with our dependence on social media, a new problem of accepting their own bodies has also come into existence," she adds.

According to the Veere Di Wedding actor, internet also promotes a sense of self consciousness, with which no matter how we look, we are always unsure about ourselves.

However, she is glad that the issue of body shaming is being given due importance nowadays. "I feel really happy that brands like Clovia are trying to cater to different body types – which is extending a sense of acceptance and confidence in women of all body types," says Swara, who was recently seen in the brand's store of Kalkaji, Delhi, for their one-year celebration.

Swara's tips for women who are the victim of body shaming?

Don't listen to negative remarks that people make, it is simply the reflection of their own insecurity, not yours.

To fight back such people, you need to first remind yourself and accept that you are beautiful and you should love yourself – your body is a part of who you are.

Fitness is important, being fit and strong has nothing to do with being thin. If you are healthy, it is good – you should be healthy.

It is a myth that people with plus size body type cannot look good, it is all about carrying yourself. Just find right clothes that accentuate the advantages of your body, your curves.

Last but not the least, it is a secret which all grandmothers tell, Sarees make everyone good look. When in doubt, wear a saree.

Swara has always been an inspiration for many. "There are fans who want to look like celebrities, and crazily follow the way they dress up. Having said that, there is also a group of people who get into the inferiority complex and feel disappointed about the way they look."

"It is okay if people want to look good and wear make up to work or gatherings, but I feel it is very important to live a life without that cover of perfection too," quotes Swara.

"We are real people, we were born without make up, if you go on the internet, you will find 100 pictures of me without make up, or wearing a night suit," she states.

Giving examples of celebrities who came off the curtains in their most natural look only to spread out the message that it is okay to look average, Swara says, "I accept the natural tendency of women to be attracted towards glamour, make up and all, but I also believe that women should be comfortable with their skin.

They should not be conscious about hideing their scars, pimples, or correcting their skins, there is much more to do," she concludes.

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