Learn to avoid compassion fatigue at workplace

A hostile workplace environment wherein dysfunction and drama reign, whether it's the result of a narcissistic boss, vindictive coworkers, absence of discipline, outflow of excessive bad news highly cost some employees who pay for immense caring.

In addition, the environment which is harming the morale of the employees, this kind of climate for caretaker in careers creates a different kind of stress leading to "compassion fatigue", also called "vicarious traumatization".

It is a term bandied about as secondary disorder which is the emotional residue or strain of exposure to working with those suffering from the consequences of traumatic events. Thus more empathetic and open to others' burnouts and pain the workers are, the more likely they will share those victims' feelings of heartbreak and devastation".

Compassion fatigue is more likely to affect professionals with less experience and people who willingly help others in short-term spurts. These armature employees may have less coping mechanisms and debriefing opportunities as those who repeatedly work with traumatised people in hostile work environments.

Burnout vs Compassion Fatigue

Untreated or unmanaged compassion fatigue can result in burnouts, but there's a significant overlap between compassion fatigue and burnouts. Burnouts are related to the job environments wherein compassion fatigue are normal displays of chronic stress resulting from showing empathy towards the employees who are suffering or getting upset about the constant rolling bad news in media or treatments in toxic workplace.

Compassion has been increasing among millennial and professionals in today's generation and those at risk needs to be encouraged to make them more resilient. Individuals suffering from compassion fatigue will often wander off and adopt the tendency of escapism (escape from reality) for the absorption of peace and relief. Compassion fatigue can cause the sense of impending doom or danger. It can also cause tumbling and shaking.

To-do's to handle compassion fatigue at workplace:

All we need to do is close a couple of tabs in our brain and handle the situation very precisely.

Balance your empathy: An ideal way to balance your empathy is to Put yourself first! This can go against the grain of anyone who is victimised. However, as the proverb says – "One cannot pour from an empty cup." so make sure your cup is filled all the time. As making sure your needs are taken care of, you will be able to better take care of other people.

Discover version of yourself: Becoming the best version of yourself means getting back to your quintessential self. Finding a great hobby or taking a sabbatical break from your job doesn't have to be a blemish. It's a nail down strategy for self-improvement; you must propel yourself to uncover the essentials within you.

Reduce Those Tech Carving: Cutting down on social media and building a strong and supportive team around you that you can debrief with both personally and professionally is important. Self-care is essential if you don't want to deal with big emotional tolls all the way coming from other people.

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