Laugh your worries away

As Durga puja is fast approaching, it's probably the best time to meet friends and have unadulterated sessions of what Bengalis know as "adda". During this time, people plan to meet each other, enjoy quality time, eat at their favourite joints, laugh out loud and enjoy the coming few days in the best way possible.

With the present-day work pressure and the usual unavoidable rat race students, professionals and people from all walks of life experience these four days as an oasis in the desert. People of all ages take this wonderful opportunity to unwind.

Researcher Yvonne L Michael explains that close relationships provide a buffer for the stressful living that is likely to play out through your immune and endocrine systems, allowing you to age healthier.

Laughing and chatting with friends and family produces endorphins, which are natural painkillers for our bodies. It helps to alleviate mood and increase energy levels. The most significant benefit of laughing or loafing around is the letting go of inhibitions and self-consciousness. It helps to improve self-esteem, boosts confidence and contributes in strengthening relationships.

With unbridled use of the internet, we have more virtual friends and relationships than the real tangible ones–- which poses a serious threat to our emotional and social support system. Therefore, the coming few days, make the most of your time with friends and family, relive your childhood, soak in the pujo fever over dhaak dhunuchi and laugh your worries away. (The author is a Clinical Psychologist at Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata)

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