Landscape of the Sacred Groves

Subhash Awachat's ongoing painting exhibition 'Sacred Garden' drives its idea from the sacred groves, also called 'Devrai' in Marathi. It is a rich piece of forest part that is communally protected and has a significant religious connotation for the community.

The paintings resembles deep serried forests with the feel of mystic and calm desolated frames. Subhash has created a kind of abstract work in which most of his paintings are treated by a golden hue to bring out a powerful visual feel. The texture and golden pigment plays many roles in his work. The feel of fireflies and the gap between sparse trees, the penetrating sunbeam through trees the golden appears in his painting through magical surrealism.

The Pune born artist paints from his memories of childhood. His attempt to canvas 'Devrai' is unique in itself as it is a recourse at his practice. He bares himself out releasing an interiority of emotion and aesthetics.

Art is conspicuous in its role towards environment degradation and continues to be so. Awchat does not replace the grove with an image as is often done in our culture, rather he proposes an abstraction as a realm to meditate and think. (The exhibition will be on display till January 7, 2020 at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai)

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