Koel Mallick sustains injury on new ‘Mitin Mashi’ set

Koel Mallick sustains injury on new ‘Mitin Mashi’ set

Bengali actor Koel Mallick got hurt while shooting an action scene for Arindam Sil’s upcoming film ‘Ekti Khunir Sandhaney Mitin’ on Sunday. She was taken to a private hospital in Kolkata, where tests revealed a fracture in her right forearm. Now, she’s been advised to rest and her hand has been put in a cast.

“I sustained an injury on March 31 during an action scene of ‘Ekti Khunir Sandhaney Mitin’. Was immediately rushed to Medica Hospital. Examination and X-ray revealed a fracture of the shaft of the ulna bone in the right forearm. I was given a cast and soon would be on my way to recovery as per Dr Vikash Kapoor’s advise,” Koel posted on social media.

Sil called Koel ‘a brave woman’ and acknowledged her dedicated performance on set. “You are such a brave woman, Koel. I still can’t believe how it happened last evening. So, freak. And you were at your best performance. Please take care of yourself. The whole team of our film is praying for your speediest recovery. We are waiting for you to be back on the floor,” posted Sil in a heartfelt social media post, conveying the team’s eagerness for Koel’s return to the set.

‘Ekti Khunir Sandhaney Mitin’ is the third movie in the ‘Mitin Mashi’ series. Filming began in March and on Sunday, the shoot was in Nepalgunj, Kolkata. There are reportedly seven days of shooting remaining. The shoot will remain on hold until Koel recovers.

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