Khadi weaving a new ray of hope in Peru

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is leaving no stone unturned to capture the international market. It is working towards making its presence felt across the globe.

In a similar initiative, KVIC participated in an International Exhibition 'Feria India', going on in Barranco, Peru between March 11 to 15, organised by International Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO). Speaking about the initiative Chairman KVIC V K Saxena said, "Khadi fabric isn't about a coarse cloth in dull shades anymore, it has become a timeless beauty portraying the statement of style and elegance. Khadi products like shawls, scarves, kurtas and trousers are being sold in the international markets.

The initiatives like 'Feria India' will further help KVIC to reach out to the international partners for sales and promotion of Khadi products."

'Feria India' is aimed for researchers, students and leaders to gain knowledge about Indian products thus bringing together the distributors, retailers, buying groups, general merchandise buyers, importers and exporters, specialty stores, wholesalers, discount stores, supermarket, grocery buyers, boutique stores, general public etc.

Highlighting the importance of khadi and village industries products in the international markets, Saxena said, "Khadi fabric and village industries products are Indian heritage which has huge potential in the national as well as international markets."

"Thanks to our Prime Minister, who not only unleashed the true potential of Khadi, but is also continuously professing it. Its time for the fabric of transformation to spread its wings and fly across the borders and gleam its exuberance," he added.

In past two years, Khadi has made appearances at

various international fairs and exhibitions across 60 countries across the globe such as in Australia, Behrain, Canada, Jeddah, Jordan, Bhutan etc.

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