Kalpana Shukla creates history at ‘Mrs Universe’ pageant

Kalpana Shukla creates history at ‘Mrs Universe’ pageant

Kalpana Shukla’s incredible journey at the ‘Mrs Universe’ pageant is truly one for the books! After a long 46-year wait, she made history by becoming the first runner-up and winning the prestigious ‘Best National Costume Award’. It’s a moment of immense pride for India.

The event, held in the vibrant city of Manila, Philippines, brought together over 100 delegates from different countries, creating a global celebration of beauty and talent.

Kalpana’s journey to the top was guided by the remarkable leadership of national director Urmimala Boruah, who led the Indian team with passion and dedication. Together, they showcased the rich cultural heritage of India through Kalpana’s stunning national costume, which earned her well-deserved recognition.

This remarkable achievement by Kalpana Shukla and her team is not only a testament to their hard work and talent but also a shining example of representation and empowerment. It’s a story that deserves to be shared with the world, as it inspires others to chase their dreams and break barriers.

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