Jupiter: The guru of all the planets

Jupiter: The guru of all the planets

Numerology numbers make people feel good when they hear about their planets. Till now, people have heard so many things about how numbers affect their lives. What does a numerology number get for one in their pockets? The answer is love, relationships, career and many other things.

Numbers and their associated planets:

Number 1: Sun

Number 2: Moon

Number 3: Jupiter

Number 4: Uranus (Rahu)

Number 5: Mercury

Number 6: Venus

Number 7: Shadow Planet (Ketu)

Number 8: Saturn

Number 9: Mars

Number 3 has been considered the dev guru. People who are born in any month 3 - 12 (1 + 2 = 3), 21 (2 + 1 = 3) and 30 (3 + 0 = 3) - are related to this number and the planet Jupiter.

These are people full of freshness and energy. As Jupiter is the guru of all planets, this big planet is the one who shows the path to others in odd and even times. It may lead such people to the heights they deserve at times. If people follow the path of numerology number 3 in life, they will find that people related to this number are the pathfinders for whoever they come in contact with and ask for guidance. These are some of the qualities of number 3 that the natives carry with them to help others sort out the odds when they ask for support. They are always surrounded by gurus, teachers and elders. If anyone is looking for the right advise, one should approach people who belong to number 3.

Keywords: Pathfinders, spiritual, creative, artistic, social and communication

Positive Traits: People related to number 3 are positive thinkers. As their aura is full of positivity, they believe in living and letting others live. They always try to give happiness to their near and dear ones. They are trustworthy and help keep others away from bad habits. They are wise and their decision-making power is good. They are spiritual and religious too.

Negative Traits: The nature of people related to number 3 makes them very unaware of the reality of the world. They never suspect anything due to their trusting nature, which is often misused by others.

Career: They can be very good in the education field with professions like teachers and professors; spiritual healers and occult; management field, creativity, etc.

Lucky Colours: Yellow, Orange and shades of yellow. Orange shades are the best colours for people with the number 3 and they are advised to wear these colours on Thursday.

Bad Colours: White and shades of off-white and black colours

Warnings /Learnings: They should try to control their passions and anger, as some people may not appreciate their sense of humour and criticism.

They easily suffer from what one calls the phrase ‘All that glitters is not gold’. Anything beautiful takes their focus away. As they get excited by everything they see, they won’t spend much time looking in a focused direction.

People related to Jupiter love to party. However, they are advised to avoid hard alcohol and smoking for a better and successful life.

Famous personalities born with the magical numerology number 3 are Warren Buffet, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Rani Mukerjee, Yuvraj Singh, Rajinikanth and Abraham Lincoln.

(Rakhi Jain is a professional numerologist, Vastu consultant and general counsellor. Email: Mobile: 9136910156. ‘Instagram’ handle: digitsndessteny)

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