Jogen Chowdhury's expressive canvas

Chitrakoot Art Gallery and The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata hosted a travelling exhibition on the works of eminent artist Jogen Chowdhury, from his selected works from Glenbarra Art Museum, Himeji, Japan.

The exhibition will be on till November 27, 2019 at The Nandalal Bose Gallery, Rabindranath Tagore Centre in the city of joy.

"Though all works of art while being created out of essential visual elements express certain sensitive, emotional, physical or social matters related to our lives and living. They express anger, aggression, compassion, tranquility, poetic, grace, sadness or joyfulness, which instantly evoke us. I thank Masanori Fukukoka, Dadiba Pundole of Pundole Gallery, Arun Vadhera of Vadhera Art Gallery, Prakash Kejriwal of Chitrakoot Art Gallery and ICCR, Kolkata for organising the exhibition," said Jogen Chowdhury.

He further added that, all forms of visual art in whatever way they are executed ultimately needs to be transcendental, which he thinks is the most important creative activities in the modern era.

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