Jaanaki: The tale of an extraordinary girl

Jaanaki: The tale of an extraordinary girl

TV channel DD National has brought up a show titled ‘Jaanaki: A Daughter Against All Storms’. The show is about a newborn child who is abandoned by her father because she is a girl and is considered cursed. The baby is then adopted by a poor yet kind family.

Since her childhood, the girl has proven herself to be extraordinary. As she grows up, she finds out about her adoption and looks for her father.

On the other hand, the real father, who happens to be a rich industrialist, gets three sons from his second marriage. The father then starts looking for his successor from among his sons when he comes across a young girl who transforms his company and saves him from imminent bankruptcy. He tells the girl that he wishes he had a daughter like her. But as luck would have it, the girl reveals herself to her father and tells him that she is his daughter! Feeling enormous guilt in his heart, he begs for her forgiveness.

Life comes full circle for him when he bypasses his own sons to announce his own daughter as his successor. His daughter now moves into the house of rich brats and a spoiled stepfamily who teaches them a better way to live.

However, she faces life-threatening moments because of her righteous ways taught by her adopted poor family, but she never deters from her path. Finally, she makes her father’s home a happy home again. Soon, the stepfamily comes to know her truth and begs for forgiveness. Finally, the daughter marries the person she loves and has two fathers to give her their blessings.

People can watch ‘Jaanaki’ Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm only on DD National.

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