India's Rizing Talent: IYC launches a platform for youth to express their views

Indias Rizing Talent: IYC launches a platform for youth to express their views

Indian Youth Congress (IYC) recently launched a unique platform 'India's Rizing Talent' for talented youth of the country and the big announcement was made during a press conference addressed by the national in-charge, IYC, AICC joint-secretary Krishna Allavaru and well-known personalities from the field of acting and art. Others who attended the conference were Youth Congress Media department chairman Rahul Rao, Youth Congress General Secretary and Delhi in-charge Coco Padhi, Secretary and Delhi Co-in charge Khushboo Sharma and Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress President Ranvijay Singh Lochav. Film actor Sonia Mann, singer B Mohit, folk singer Neha Singh Rathore, poet Arya Bharat and singer-composer Raman Kapoor launched the creative programme.

'India's Rizing Talent' is a creative and innovative platform where youth can express their political views through dance, singing, rapping, stand-up comedy, technology, etc.

IYC's national president Srinivas BV said that politicisation of non-essential issues is a serious problem in the country today. Therefore, bringing forward the issues of public interest and providing permanent solutions to them is our priority through this programme.

Krishna Allavaru said, "Our resolve through this initiative is to take Gandhian ideas to masses and build a sensitive society. We will talk to the youth through this program and connect them with the ideology of Congress."

Rahul Rao said that it is a unique platform for the youth where they can share their dance, singing and much more to express their political views. To participate in this, the youth have to record their one-minute video and send it on the number 7311126111.

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